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99 Cents Only Stores Drives Foot Traffic via Superbowl-oriented Email

What’s cool about this

The digital marketers at 99 Cents Only Stores have the task of driving foot traffic to physical retail locations. Their website only exists as a marketing tool for this purpose as customers cannot make purchases off of the website. This is not uncommon in the dollar store space, however, it presents a unique set of challenges for the marketing team as it makes tracking KPIs difficult. Competitors such as Dollar Tree and Big Lots both have ecommerce websites.

This creative has a crisp feel to it. It recreates the feeling of a grocery store circular. The marketing in this campaign is seasonal. Notice how they include both the Superbowl and Valentine’s Day in this email.

Above the fold, the marketers are also highlighting complementary goods as to encourage customers to buy both items during the same visit. Below the fold, they feature cleaning products and a buy one get one free offer for hand sanitizer. At the time of publication, California was dealing with a surge in COVID-19 cases. This is to get people primed to these goods during the their visit.

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Category: Retail

Company: 99 Cents Only Stores

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Advertising Format: Email

Country: United States


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