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An Ad from an Experienced Chinese Tent Manufacturer

What’s cool about this

This is another advertisement that appeared in my Google feed. I’m not sure how it was targeted to me because I was not looking for tents online but I kind of like this advertisement.

The photo is what makes the advertisement cool. Those are some interesting tents. They look a bit more durable and futuristic than normal tents. They make me want to click the ad.

The copy provides some of the unique Chinese flavor in marketing that westerners have come to expect. They declare that they are a “China Tent Supplier”. They highlight the fact that they have over 30 years of experience in designing and producing tents. People in the United States do not say “work-line” but it is easily understood as assembly line. The punctuation is also uniquely Chinese.

If I were looking for a Chinese tent supplier, I would definitely check out their offerings. This ad does the job.

This is the second post in my series of Chinese B2B ads.

About this creative

Category: Business

Company: Superb Tent Co. Ltd.

Company URL:

Advertising Format: Native

Advertising Network: Google Display Network

Country: China


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