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Great North Immigration Inc. Drives Leads with Native Traffic

Great North Immigration Landing Page

What’s cool about this

I’ve noticed a growing trend lately. More and more companies are prospecting to generate clients for immigration services. These companies are using native placements like Taboola, Outbrain, and the Google story feed on Android devices to drive traffic. Today’s blog post features a company that is trying to get people in Mexico to move to Canada.

As typical for native advertising, the landing page is optimized for conversions and plays well to the target market. It is set up to encourage Latinos to sign up to get more information about moving to Canada. The hero image features a smiling Latino family standing in front of a backdrop that appears to be a Canadian city. They look happy and make the dream of migrating to Canada seem like it is obtainable.

The landing page doesn’t really try to sell Canada too hard. I believe that is a good decision by the marketers. Canada is already well-branded as an immigrant friendly destination. Many Latin Americans are skipping the United States to go right to Canada to work. This is largely in part due to the different policies of the two nations.

Another benefit is that the registration form is very simple for the user to fill out. It doesn’t ask for anything intensive like a lot of similar landing pages.

I would expect that the quality of the leads generated by this landing page would be on the lower end of the spectrum. The marketer is going for a broad swath of the population and then the sales team will filter the leads down based on qualifications.

A lot of people who do not qualify to migrate to Canada will fill out this form. I have not seen a fee schedule for this company nor do I have information on their billing process so it would be hard to see how much impact this campaign will have.

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