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Holiday Social Media Promotions from Popeyes Peru

Popeyes Peru December 4 Promo
Popeyes Family Holiday Festival

What’s cool about this

Popeyes Peru embraced the holiday spirit for the entire month of December 2020. The designers at Popeyes have taken a more aggressive approach to using text in their these ads to highlight exactly what forms both of these respective promotions.

These packages are designed to increase the higher average ticket price at Popeyes while simplified the ordering process for the customers. There also exists the possibility for the cashier to suggest an upgrade to the customer’s order.

These promotions were released during the COVID-19 pandemic. Enforcement of quarantine is more vigorous in Peru than other countries in Latin America. They also serve as way to simplify phone or online orders.

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Category: Food and Beverage

Company: Popeyes

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Advertising Format: Social Media

Country: Peru


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