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Holiday-themed Cheese Bacon Duo from Bembos

Cheese Bacon Duo from Bembos

What’s cool about this

Bembos fully embraces Christmas in their marketing. The first thing the viewer immediately notices is the name of the promo “Duo Queso Tocino” in the red Christmas tree shape. The hamburgers and fries are mirror images of each other. The promo is adorned at the top with other holiday elements.

This visual is primed for success in the Peruvian market. Although it is visually insignificant, there’s a price cut. Peruvian consumers are especially value-oriented. This decision is not typically seen in fast food promotions in other countries. In Peru, consumers like bundling so some marketers take the concept to almost absurd levels.

About this creative

Category: Food and Beverage

Company: Bembos

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Advertising Format: Social Media

Country: Peru


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