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Liver and Onions as Part of Fight Against Anemia Week by PlazaVea

Liver and Onions Fight Against Anemia Week by PlazaVea

What’s cool about this

Anemia is a serious problem in Peru brought in part by a combination of poverty and their culinary tradition. The most popular sources of protein are chicken and fish, both of which do not have as much iron as red meat.

PlazaVea, one of the top supermarket chains in Peru, ran a small awareness campaign called “Fight Against Anemia Week”. This visual was part of a larger campaign which also featured a Facebook live Q&A with a doctor who was talking about prevention. PlazaVea was the only supermarket who participated in “Fight Against Anemia Week”.

This visual accomplishes several layers of important messaging:

  • PlazaVea cares about public health. They’re helping people fight against anemia.
  • Liver is a less-preferred cut of meat off a less preferred protein source.
  • The visual includes a CTA which translates to “Make it at home!”

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Company: PlazaVea

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Country: Peru


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