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Stacey Abrams Birthday Card Fundraiser by the Democratic Governors Association

DGA Stacey Abrams Birthday Card

What’s cool about this

The DGA is always fundraising. This particular mailer made no mention of donating money until the very end of the funnel. The opener is presented with a landing page that requires them to update their information as a way to “sign” Stacey Abram’s birthday card. Then, the opener is asked to partake in a survey with questions and responses that appeal to their base of supporters. After going through the questions, they finally ask for money.

The interesting thing about this funnel is that it played heavily into emotions. It felt as if the opener was getting the chance to directly send a message to Stacey Abrams. Then, they were able to trigger intense emotions that appealed to the political base. Finally, they came in for the ask. Mailing list participants who have positive sentiment towards Stacey Abrams and a bit of disposable income would enjoy donating to her birthday fundraiser.

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Category: Political

Organization: Democratic Governors Association

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Advertising Format: Email

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Country: United States


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