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Ultimate Couch Console Drives Traffic to Kickstarter with Google Display Ads

What’s cool about this

When people think of crowdfunding, they don’t really think of advertising the crowdfunding offer outside of word of mouth. People associate crowdfunding with not having any money. however what most people don’t understand is that you have to invest a little bit of money to make money to get potential people interested in backing your project. You will need an existing email list to advertise at a minimum.

This ad for the Ultimate Couch Console came in my news feed on my Android device. I thought it was rather interesting because it directed me right to It was the first time that I had notice a crowdfunding campaign leverage banner ads to drive traffic to their page.

As a consumer, the creative really appeals to me. When I initially saw it, I was sitting on my sofa so I was primed to receive the message. I have a problem with losing my cell phone in the couch cushions and putting my cups on the floor. I have knocked over my glass far too many times. I showed my girlfriend this advertisement and we both agreed that it was an interesting product. We decided not to back it because are we living outside of the United States at the moment. It would be too difficult to get the product to our address.

Don’t be afraid to try an out-of-the-box strategy to market your next product. New opportunities and traffic sources are around you everyday.

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