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Would You Wrap Your Friend’s Gift with Duct Tape?

China Duct Tape

What’s interesting about this

I am not exactly sure how this advertisement appeared to me in my Google article feed. I have not been on Alibaba for at least a year. Nonetheless, this advertisement appeared to me for some reason and I am sure it is because of a tracking cookie because run of network advertisements like this just do not happen.

This is going to be the first in a series of articles about random Chinese advertisements. I find them interesting because they are unique attempts at B2B marketing. Sometimes, Chinese does not translate well into English.

Let’s take a look at the picture first. That is a roll of duct tape. This kind of tape fixes everything. The upper left-hand corner, the company has put its logo. There are also cut off letters on the bottom portion of the duct tape. This logo has a very Chinese feel to it and it doesn’t exactly inspire a feeling of quality in the consumer.

We’re moving on to the copy. The advertisement reads: “Stationary tape sure ordinary office packing, gift-wrapping, and school fix or combination.”

Re-read the copy and let that sink in.

Ordinary office packing? Gift-wrapping? School fix?

This company expects you to use duct tape to wrap your gifts. That just doesn’t make sense unless you really hate the person and want them to struggle opening the gift or potentially damage it. I understand ordinary office packing if you need to reinforce the box but usually we use packing tape for that. I’m not sure what “school fix” means but giving children duct tape usually isn’t the best idea.

They have also describe this duct tape as “stationary tape”. We don’t usually use that term in the United States but stationery tape is what we would call Scotch tape. Would you want to use duct tape as a replacement for Scotch tape?

The BCP logo does not even match the company’s branding on the landing page.

I might write a separate article about this landing page but all you need to know is that you have to order a minimum quantity of 20,000 rolls of tape. I definitely would not request a quote because my buyer intent isn’t even there.

If you want to copy your competitor, that’s fine. We all do it. Just make sure that your image matches your copy.

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