Pick something that catches your eye.

Liver and Onions as Part of Fight Against Anemia Week by PlazaVea
Holiday Social Media Promotions from Popeyes Peru
Instagram Influencer Meme Makes Fun of AT&T on Behalf of T-Mobile
This teaser is so good, I clicked to see what the author signed up for.
An Ad from an Experienced Chinese Tent Manufacturer
“Order from Santa or Order Online” Triple Box from Pizza Hut Mexico
SPAR Nigeria Message after Supermarket Looting
Localized Costa Coffee Landing Page Drives Data Collection for Marketers
Idaho Tourism Winter Paradise Newsletter
Direct Response Masterpiece: You Can Get Rich Fast with Your Unused Diabetic Testing Strips
You Could Have Bought an Invitation to a Timeshare Presentation off of Amazon in 2012
Everyday Horoscopes Has an Unique Business Model for a Fortune Teller
Simpler is Better: “60 Years of Flavor and Tradition” at El Chinito
Kool Aid “SUS” TV Commerical from 2006
PeopleFinders Rebrands to BustACheater with the Help of Affiliates
All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast Combo at IHOP Peru
Jack in the Box was cool 20 years ago and still is today.
eToro Capitalizes on GameStop Hype to Spur Registrations in Mexico
99 Cents Only Stores Drives Foot Traffic via Superbowl-oriented Email
Stacey Abrams Birthday Card Fundraiser by the Democratic Governors Association
Roky’s MMM… Pollo a la brasa
Relax! Zero Bounce has your email verification covered!
Must See: “Joe Biden is trying to CANCEL Lee Greenwood” Email
Kamala Harris Fundraising Email by the DGA with Unique Layout
Holiday-themed Cheese Bacon Duo from Bembos
Miller High Life “Skybox” TV Commercial from 2007
Ultimate Couch Console Drives Traffic to Kickstarter with Google Display Ads
Bose Partners with NFL Legend Larry Fitzgerald to Raise Awareness for their Sleepbuds
“Come Home” Retargeting Homescapes Ad by Playrix
Church’s Chicken Drives Orders via DoorDash with a Free Sandwich Offer
Norky’s Partners with Food Delivery App Glovo for a Solid Chicken Promotion
iPayTotal’s Holiday Email Display Ad
Santander’s “Mundo Digital”
Wall Street Legend Predicts You’ll Sign Up for True Market Insiders’ Newsletter
What Does Montgomery Ward Think They’re Doing?!
Del’$ Dollar Deal$ Menu: Refreshingly Low Prices on Mexican Food
A George Foreman Ad without George Foreman
Unlike healthy pancakes, having an offer in your ad never goes out of style.
PCH Drives Users to Take Action with Strong CTAs
Great North Immigration Inc. Drives Leads with Native Traffic
Would You Wrap Your Friend’s Gift with Duct Tape?
Royal Farms Raises Brand Awareness for their “World’s Freshest” Coffee
Christmas Food Bundle Sweepstakes from Wong

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