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Relax! Zero Bounce has your email verification covered!

Zero Bounce

What’s cool about this

If you have ever engaged in any sort of digital marketing before, chances are you’ve probably tried email and you know that managing an email list can become quite the time vampire. People put in invalid emails all the time either due to a typo or even maliciously. Most email service providers require you to keep your bounce rate below 3%.

The marketers at Zero Bounce know that managing any email list sucks. They are trying to convey with their brand messaging that they take the suck out of managing the email list. The guy in the ad is lounging in front of his computer. The viewer thinks that he’s managing his email list and it’s a stress-free experience for him. Then, Zero Bounce introduces their service and provides a fantastic call to action with a great offer.

It really doesn’t get any better than this in terms of display marketing. They found their customer’s pain point and visually conveyed how their service can fix it. Then, they represent a great offer to try their service. They have combined this with a remarketing campaign.

There is no doubt in my mind that this ad will get a lot of sign ups.

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