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Simpler is Better: “60 Years of Flavor and Tradition” at El Chinito

El Chinito

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The restaurants in Lima is incredibly competitive. From the lady selling sandwiches on the street corner to fancy Michelin-star restaurant, everything is incredibly good. If you haven’t been to Lima yet and you are a foodie, I would highly advise you to plan your next vacation there. There is a lot of good eating to be done.

To last in the market, you have to turn out a consistent product and provide superior customer service. If you don’t, your business simply won’t exist anymore.

El Chinito understands how demanding their market can be. That is why they heavily incorporate tradition into their marketing materials. Consumers appreciate longevity in businesses that they have high contact with like restaurants. That is why almost every Wendy’s location has a picture of Dave Thomas.

This picture is prominently featured in a lot of El Chinito’s marketing material. It sticks heavily to the brand message while not being overly complicated. In marketing, simpler is better.

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