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Everyday Horoscopes Has an Unique Business Model for a Fortune Teller

Everyday Horoscopes Display Ad

What’s cool about this

This display ad came to me via email after putting my information in a PCH sweepstakes.

Everyday Horoscopes has a business model based off of advertising. From a payment processing perspective, this is a lot more stable than a traditional psychic business. Everyday Horoscopes depends exclusively on user engagement with their content and serving a tremendous number of impressions to generate revenue via advertising. Psychic businesses are dependent on issuing a physical product with their fortune telling to combat disputes. People who advertise are unlikely to dispute. They can see that the service was provided to them.

Three weeks before the publication of this article, I reached out to everyday horoscopes in effort to talk to representative about advertising with them. I wasn’t contacted back by a sales representative. That makes me think my offer type wasn’t suitable for them or they do not have the staff in place to handle queries from potential advertisers.

I like this creative because it provides a sense of mystery. For as long as man has been aware of time, people have always wondered what is going to happen to them tomorrow. This ad addresses the Big Three needs of people: relationships, wealth, and health. It also embraces the traditional purple mystical color scheme that is common with psychics. The call to action is very clear.

The only issue with this ad is that it feels like a display ad that was delivered via email so I do not think the click-through rate would be spectacular in this case. Banner blindness is a real problem for many marketers.

Here’s a link to Everyday Horoscopes media kit.

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Advertising Format: Display via Email

Country: United States


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