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Bose Partners with NFL Legend Larry Fitzgerald to Raise Awareness for their Sleepbuds

Bose Larry Fitzgerald Instagram

What’s cool about this

Today, we have another example of influencer marketing on Instagram from Bose. This is an example of a classic endorsement from NFL legend Larry Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald is one of the most brand-safe athletes in the NFL. He is widely respected across the league and is predictable in his conduct. Most football fans will tell you that he is a lock for the Hall of Fame upon his retirement.

Since Fitzgerald is so respected, Bose can reach several segments by working with Fitzgerald on Instagram. First, there will be a lot of fans of the Arizona Cardinals as that is where Fitzgerald has spent his entire career since 2004. They will also be able to reach general NFL fans and aspiring athletes. Both of these are in market for Bose products.

The product that is being advertised is more geared towards the aspiring athlete segment as it shows Fitzgerald resting presumably after working out. The creative does not feature a landing page but it features a specific product name so consumers would know what to look for when searching.

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Company: Bose


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