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iPayTotal’s Holiday Email Display Ad

iPayTotal holiday email display ad

What’s cool about this

This is good holiday marketing from high payment processor iPayTotal. It feels like a banner ad but was sent via email. The email that was sent to prospective customers consisted of solely this image and the salesperson’s signature. The banner is successful because it takes a lighthearted tone. Most people would not associate Santa Claus with lower payment processor fees, however, high risk merchants would welcome a break as processing can cost them thousands of dollars in fees each month. The banner ad also feels like a Christmas card as it uses similar colors and typefaces.

Another element of the design that works well is that banner ad cannot be clicked. This ensures that the sales person, who has been the main point of contact up to this month, will have direct contact with their lead. The data will not reenter the funnel.

About this creative

Category: Banking and Finance

Company: iPayTotal

Company URL:

Advertising Format: Email

Country: United Kingdom

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