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Santander’s “Mundo Digital”

What’s cool about this

Santander released this campaign across Mexico as part of a massive mobile video campaign. As of publication time, the video had over 50 million views.

The video starts with a CTA that tells viewer to put the sound on. If the user does not put the sound on, subtitles appear on the bottom of the screen so that viewers can read the messaging anyway. This design decision could become an emerging trend as marketers turn more towards mobile video to get results.

The “Mundo Digital” softens the bank’s image. It features fingers as the main protagonists facing common situations in the real world. It also is localized using vernacular from in Mexico.

The campaign drives awareness towards two key goals. First, it drives educates existing customers about the features of the app. Second, it shows how easy it is to bank with Santander. Mexican banks are notoriously consumer unfriendly and this messaging is essential to get people to sign up or switch.

Quick Translation

I transferred money to the plumber,
without registering it, I can do it here!
And if I don’t remember something that I did,
I figured out everything in the app!
When I forgot to pay my electric and gas bills,
I press this button and I just paid them!
If you don’t have your card for whatever reason,
you can withdraw from the ATM without it.
With your fingers, you can do it all with Santander’s app.
Get Santanderized!

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