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Kool Aid “SUS” TV Commerical from 2006

Still from Kool Aid SUS TV Commerical (2006) - Kool Aid Man on the beach
Still from Kool Aid SUS TV Commerical (2006) - A Boy Drinks Kool Aid from a Coconut

What’s cool about this

Kraft spent a lot of money pushing this commercial on Nickelodeon in 2006 during the height of the individual packet drink powder craze. The commercial features energetic children flying a helicopter. They see the Kool Aid man from their kooky binoculars on the beach of a pitcher-shaped with an “SUS” and land to save him, thinking that it said “SOS”. He swiftly corrects them and explains that it wasn’t an SOS and the message actually meant “Serving Up Singles”. They all have fun drinking Kool Aid.

This commercial works well because it captures the imaginations of children. Being stranded on a remote island is a common theme in a children’s literature. Throw in a helicopter and a treasure chest, and it gets really interesting. The marketing team informs parents that the drink only has 30 calories to overcome their objections. Families were primed to buy the next trip out to the supermarket.

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