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Miller High Life “Skybox” TV Commercial from 2007

Miller High Life beer man takes beer away from rich people who don't deserve it.
Miller High Life beer man takes beer away from rich people who don't deserve it.

What’s cool about this

The Miller High Life Deliveryman, portrayed by the late Windell Middlebrooks, is one of the best advertising characters to have ever been developed. Few commercials can resonate directly with the souls of the average working fan.

This particular creative is an example of Middlebrooks’ finest work. He bursts into a sky box and impounds a whole lot of beer from clueless rich people who are more interested in talking on their cell phones than watching the game. Middlebrooks is further annoyed when his favorite pitcher is under-preforming. He later redistributes the beer to real sports fans who actually watch the game.

Middlebrooks is able to create a strong emotional connection with sports fans. Real fans watch the game. They do not go to the game to do business and they do not isolate themselves from everyone else. The Deliveryman has a favorite pitcher like most sports fans do. He respects the sanctity of the game of baseball. He brings the good beer to the real fans.

About this creative

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Advertising Format: Video

Country: United States

This post is dedicated in memory of Windell Middlebrooks (January 8, 1979 – March 9, 2015).

The first six pack I bought was Miller High Life because of your commercials. 


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