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Roky’s MMM… Pollo a la brasa

Roky's MMM Pollo a la Brasa ad

What’s cool about this

You don’t need to speak Spanish to understand this graphic from Roky’s. They’re reinforcing their core product with an effective visual showing pollo a la brasa, French fries, a side salad, and Peruvian-style mustard and mayonnaise. The focal point of this visual is the chicken. They project freshness by adding steam. The MMM… evokes your senses and brings about positive memories. Peru is a culturally diverse country with 3 major languages. Unlike most countries in Latin America, the government encourages indigenous languages spoken. The marketers at Roky’s understand that and seek to cross cultural boundaries with this creative.

About this creative

Category: Food and Beverage

Company: Roky’s

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Country: Peru


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