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Wall Street Legend Predicts You’ll Sign Up for True Market Insiders’ Newsletter

True Market Insiders on LiveIntent

What’s cool about this

This advertisement is just amazing.

It has the over-optimized clickbait feel that you see in a lot of native advertising while not really losing a whole lot of credibility or dignity. That is because this ad had a premium placement because the advertiser is working with LiveIntent. That means they had access to premium inventory. I saw this in the New York Post, not on a weird blog about candles or a pirated movie website.

Another great thing about this is ad is the call to action at the bottom. It has the traditional blue link color so the reader knows to click it. It also establishes a clear deadline for the reader to take action while telling them what to do.

The main imagine is a man who is signaling to literally hold the phone. We’re not sure who he is but he must be a Wall Street insider because he’s in front of a stock ticker and he’s got a nice suit. He’s the sort of man you want to trust with your money. You are reading this in the New York Post after all.

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