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Del’$ Dollar Deal$ Menu: Refreshingly Low Prices on Mexican Food

Del Taco Newsletter

What’s cool about this

Today is Cinco de Mayo, America’s day to celebrate Mexican culture. Some people mistakenly think of it as Mexican Independence Day, but that’s actually not celebrated until September 16th. Cinco de Mayo passes without much fanfare or celebration in Mexico except in Puebla. It became a holiday because the Mexican army defeated the French at the Battle of Puebla.

That’s enough history for now. Today, we’re going an email newsletter from Del Taco. Much like Cinco de Mayo, Del Taco is an American concept that celebrates Mexican heritage.

Let me just put it out there right now. My favorite thing about this email is how they use dollar signs instead of “s” in the top of the email. That gets me excited as a consumer. I feel like they’re going to tie up the manager in the back of the restaurant and give food away for pennies on the dollar.

The call to action buttons are a good way to drive foot traffic and online orders. They link you to the website so you can find your nearest Del Taco or you can order where delivery is available. That’s Del Taco’s way of adjusting to the pandemic.

Finally, Del Taco reinforces a key brand message at the end. They make a big point about the ingredients being fresh. That’s a must for fast food restaurants because no one wants a taco that has been sitting under a heat lamp for 4 hours and 39 minutes. That would be soggy and gross. Del Taco says they’re not about that. They want you to know that their ingredients are fresh.

I haven’t been to a Del Taco in about 14 or so years. The last time I went was with my father after a Tucson Sidewinders game late at night for a snack. I don’t really remember much about my trip. In case you were wondering what my order off this email newsletter would be, I would get two value tacos, one CrunchTada® Tostada, and an iced coffee.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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