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PeopleFinders Rebrands to BustACheater with the Help of Affiliates

PeopleFinders Rebrands to BustACheater

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I’ve been getting blasted with email banner ads in my inbox after I filled out a form on Publishers Clearing House with all sorts of offers including men’s health, joining a lawsuit against a popular weedkiller, credit score monitoring, a wine club, and loans.

This offer really caught my attention. The clickbait is perfect. I had never heard of this service before. I tried to click on it and because I wasn’t in the USA at the time, it redirected me to the affiliate network’s website. That means that they’re not monetizing clicks that don’t match their target geography. Some other set ups would have sent me to a betting or crypto offer at least. That’s probably a good call on their end. Somebody who wants to find out if their partner is cheating on them isn’t going to pull a full 180 and deposit money on a betting website.

I was determined to get to the bottom of this offer so I turned to Google and found an advertorial. I went to the root domain and put my phone number in the lander. I was then redirected to PeopleFinders!

Who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks? This is a really creative way for an affiliate to develop a separate brand to promote their offers. The offer payout is probably around $45 USD or so based off of similar offers for similar services on other networks. Email is a great channel to send out offers for higher dollar services because you are monetizing the whole list.

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