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PCH Drives Users to Take Action with Strong CTAs

What’s cool about this

If you sign up with Publishers Clearing House, you will get a class on how to add urgency to your promotions. They send about 5 to 6 emails per day if you sign up for all of their newsletters with a variety of different formats. The content is designed to encourage you to fill out the form and enter in their sweepstakes.

It is clear that the advertisers at PCH have decades of experience in direct marketing. The creative begins with three questions that might be possible objections as to why somebody would not want to enter into the sweepstakes. They overcome them immediately with a one-word response that encourages the potential sweepstakes entrant to take action immediately.

The whole email functions as a button. If the user clicks anywhere in the email, they are taken to the landing page where they’re prompted to enter into the sweepstakes. The designer included a red button that says act now to encourage people to click the email. People are conditioned to click buttons. This small detail should have improved the click-through rate substantially.

One possibly overlooked detail in this creative is the use of personalization. The subscribers name is seen at the bottom as part of copy encouraging them to enter the sweepstakes. People respond to personalization in email advertising at a significantly higher rate.

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