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Localized Costa Coffee Landing Page Drives Data Collection for Marketers

Localized Costa Coffee Landing Page

What’s cool about this

This landing page serves as a good example on how to optimize for conversions while taking into consideration local preferences. Sweepstakes are one of the easiest formats to use to collect data from potential customers.

Notice how the page has limited text. This serves as to not distract the user from achieving the ultimate goal of filling out the contact form. The copy here is incredibly clear. Even people with limited understanding of the English language should be able to understand what the offer is on this page.

Localization is an essential element of marketing. People prefer to do business with brands that they perceive to have an understanding of their local area and their unique needs. This landing page will convert better in the target market because it uses local currency and the local dialect. Speakers of American English prefer to use the term “last name” in contrast to “surname” which is seen here.

The main area in which this landing page can improve is creating a sense of urgency for the viewer. The sweepstakes entry is not time sensitive which makes it less likely to convert and to an extent less credible. This is because big sweepstakes and the lottery both have dates where the sweepstakes will end.

Additionally, the landing page is missing a terms of service page, a privacy policy page, and a checkbox granting permission to the advertiser to contact the sweepstakes participant. A lot of ad networks will not allow advertisers to run promotions without this essential information.

About this creative

Category: Food & Beverage

Company: Costa Coffee

Advertising Format: Landing Page

Advertising Network: lemonads

Country: United Kingdom


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