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eToro Capitalizes on GameStop Hype to Spur Registrations in Mexico


What’s cool about this

GameStop is trending right now. The marketers at eToro, an online trading platform with a social bent, are cashing in on the hype.

This creative was seen on Facebook accessed from a Mexican IP address. The goal of the campaign is to encourage people to open accounts on the platform by showing strong performance in stocks tied to video games.

This creative is interesting because it makes some assumptions about Mexican consumers who would be open to online investing. Notice how the text for the creative is in Spanish. The visual is in English. eToro is assuming that Mexican consumers who would be likely investors speak English.

Another interesting feature of this creative is the use of emojis. Financial services tend to not use the sort of communication. They have a preference for buttoned-up, serious creatives. It is not unheard of for online brokerages to use these sorts of colors as eTrade has been using a similar color scheme for years.

About this creative

Category: Banking and Finance

Company: eToro

Landing Page URL:

Advertising Format: Social Media

Country: Mexico


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