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Royal Farms Raises Brand Awareness for their “World’s Freshest” Coffee

World's Freshest Coffee at Royal Farms

What’s cool about this

I came across this display ad from Royal Farms while I was reading an article from The Baltimore Sun. It stuck out to me because Royal farms is a convenience store chain in the Tidewater region. Usually, my impressions are sold to companies wanting me to purchase SEO tools and other digital marketing goodies. I seldom get the chance to enjoy digital marketing campaigns like this in the wild.

Of course, I clicked the ad. It directed me right to the Royal Farms homepage. I wanted to sign up for their email newsletter, however, they are not collecting email addresses. This might be a bit of an oversight on their part because large convenience store brands such as Royal Farms need to promote their brand to their customer base. They compete in a very cutthroat space.

The marketing team at Royal Farms treats this ad like a digital billboard. There is absolutely no funnel for me to be a part of. They are focused on raising awareness for their coffee which they billed as “The World’s Freshest Coffee”. That fits into the story that their brand tells. Their slogan is “Real fresh. Real fast.” The company’s name also plays into being high quality and fresh so it makes sense in the long run for them to run a campaign like this.

Their bidding strategy makes sense because I was only served this impression because I was consuming content from the region. They can afford to pay more for my impression because they can assume that I am someone who has ties to the region and needs to be made aware of their coffee even though I am thousands of miles away from their area.

On a personal level, this campaign is not something I would be included to configure as a marketer. I have a clear preference towards direct marketing techniques. I would try to collect push notifications subscribers at a minimum to judge the results of this campaign. Email marketing would be the golden ticket for Royal Farms because it would provide unlimited traffic towards their brand message at an insanely cheap cost.

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