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Norky’s Partners with Food Delivery App Glovo for a Solid Chicken Promotion

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In an earlier article, I talked about Church’s Chicken partnering with Doordash with the offer of a free chicken sandwich for an order of $25 or more. Today, I would like to take a look at a similar offer from Peru. Delivery apps have taken flight across the world especially because of the global pandemic.

This offer comes from a family chicken restaurant chain known as Norky’s. The chain is a bit more upscale compared to typical chicken restaurants. The furnishings are a bit higher quality and the restaurants tend to be air conditioned. You can find them in shopping centers. They partnered with food delivery app Glovo. This app is not necessarily the biggest delivery application in Peru but this offer is a good one for Norky’s to be promoting.

I would like to provide a bit more context about this offer. During the pandemic, the Peruvian government put the country on total lockdown and suspended international travel. No one was basically allowed out of their house with the exception of delivery apps. Restaurants were closed for dining.

This promotion featured a two for one that amounts to half a chicken, french fries, dipping sauce, and two salads for $4.77. The chickens at Yorkies are pretty big so you could potentially feed up to a family of four with this deal.

This promotion provided a lifeline for the employees of Norky’s so the restaurant didn’t have to close indefinitely. It also provided a lifeline for customers who were sick and tired of cooking their own food. Glovo was able to solidify and grow their existing customer base while leveraging the social media following of an extremely popular, well-branded chicken restaurant. Offers rarely line up to be such a total win for everybody involved.

Norky’s does not operate franchises so an offer like this was a total no-brainer.

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