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Church’s Chicken Drives Orders via DoorDash with a Free Sandwich Offer

What’s cool about this

Today we’re going to look at a co-branding effort by Church’s Chicken with Doordash. The offer is really clear and simple. Order $25 from any Church’s Chicken location on Doordash and get a free chicken sandwich. This offer was sent to me via email because I had signed up for the Church’s Chicken mailing list. I haven’t actually eaten at Church’s in about 20 years or so, but I like getting emails so I signed up. I have to say that this sandwich looks really nice.

The great thing about this email is that the offer is really clear. The reader has absolutely no doubt that they need to order $25 worth of Church’s Chicken on Doordash to claim their free sandwich. The creative actually has three call to actions so even if you don’t want to order off of Doordash you have the option to find a  Church’s Chicken near you.

The only downside to this campaign is that it applies to participating locations only. To understand why a location would not participate in this offer, we need to take a look at the pricing structure of Doordash. The delivery service charges customers a delivery fee of between $5 and $10 and they charge the restaurant a commission of 20%. That is expensive when you look at the low margins of a fast food restaurant. I am not sure how the interchange of money between Doordash and the restaurant works. I do not think that the restaurant wouldn’t have to pay the standard 3% credit card processing fee because Doordash probably deposits directly to the franchise via ACH.

While these services have probably been a lifesaver to many restaurants during the pandemic, I would have to take a hard look at the numbers to determine if I would want to participate in this promotion if I were a Church’s Chicken franchise owner. The promotion really eats into the thin profit margin.

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