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All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast Combo at IHOP Peru

IHOP Peru All You Can Eat Pancakes

What’s cool about this

IHOP has recently made their entry into Peru with one location in Lima. They have paid attention to what is required to be a successful food marketer in Peru. Notice how IHOP Peru has taken to having a generally minimalist design. This has proven to be successful for other international brands in the past.

IHOP Peru has also gone to great lengths to transmit that their food is a good deal. There are approximately 28 pancakes shown. The visual focal point in the large, blue plus and it draws your eyes to the plates of food.

The price is reasonable for an American-style dining experience in Latin America. For only about $7.20 USD, you can get what appears to be the Smokehouse Combo with all you can eat pancakes. This is less than what IHOP Mexico would charge. The Smokehouse Combo with only 2 pancakes is $10.99 USD.

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